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The Top Must-Try Kaju Sweets of 2024

Kaju Kalash Kaju Kalash is a traditional sweet shaped like a ceremonial pot (kalash) and made from a smooth blend of cashew nuts and khoya. Often adorned with a hint of... Read More

The Top Must-Try Kaju Sweets of 2024

Kaju Gujia Kaju Gujia is a popular pastry eaten during Holi in Delhi. It's a crescent-shaped pastry filled with cashew nuts, khoya, and spices. It's deep-fried to a crisp and has... Read More

Hi there lovely people! We are thrilled to invite you to the scrumptious world of Indian sweets. India is a country with a rich culture, diverse flavours, and unique taste,... Read More

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In our sweet shop, we're not just selling sweets, we're creating memories and connecting you to your cultural heritage. Our commitment to our customers is that we always use fresh... Read More

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