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You Are Given The Following For Tg Inc. For The Last Year

Submitted by • November 2, 2018

You are given the following for TG Inc. for the last year:Sales$ 26,500 Cost of goods sold 18,850 Depreciation expense 2,900 Interest expense 400 Dividends paid 16,000 New debt issued 500 Beginning Net fixed assets$ 12,400 Beginning Current assets 2,600 Beginning Current liabilities 2,250 Ending Net fixed assets$ 15,250 Ending Current assets 3,890 Ending Current liabilities 2,650 Tax rate 40%Questions:Assuming G&A is zero, what was its last years net income?What was the TG Inc.s operating cash flow last year?What was the T G Inc.s cash flow from assets last year?What was the TG Inc.s cash flow to creditors last year?What was the TG Inc.s cash flow to stockholders?

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