What are Bath Salts?
Have you observed the new craze going on for using bath salts for bathing!?
People use it as a sign of luxury, but it has many physical and mental health benefits.
In this article, we will know about:

 What are bath salts?
 YOM International’s bath salts.
 The uniqueness of YOM’s bath salts?
 Their benefits.
 How to use it?

• Bath salts are basically water-soluble granular minerals that are added to water for bathing.
• These salts help rejuvenate and freshen the skin and lightens up the mood.
• Bath salts help to cure the condition of the skin by inducing and controlling the production and absorption of minerals on the skin.
• Bath salts are not only known to hold the moisture in your skin but they also are the best natural exfoliators. They help in the removal of dead skin and the purification of skin cells.

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