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Who Holds The Key To Access User Data On TrustLogics?

Who Holds The Key To Access User Data On TrustLogics?

Submitted by • July 2, 2018

At TrustLogics, user privacy is taken very seriously. All the user data is strictly private (by default) and other users can only get access to that data if they privately network with another user within the TrustLogics platform. Additionally, job seekers can apply rules on who gets to see what part of their profile. These permissions rules are available under Network module Groups & Permissions pages.

For special situations where a job seeker wants to make their profile public, we have provisions in the TrustLogics platform to cater to such needs. All a job seeker has to do is create a new group, add network users to this group and then enable all profile features for this new group. The beauty of such a solution is that the job seeker can define who gets to see the complete profile.
Application reference snapshot portraying level of privacy TrustLogics is offering!

Imagine a recruiter who has a job seeker in their network and

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