What do these terms mean, LIG, MIG, and HIG?

LIG: What is it?
The LIG is a low-income demographic, with household incomes ranging from 3 to 6 lakhs. those who possess a sixty-square-meter flat or a single apartment. All the essential amenities, including electricity, water supply, and toilets, are included in these units.

MIG: What is it?
The term "Mid-Income Group" is MIG. There are two classifications: MIG-I and MIG-II. The annual income is the basis for this classification. Families earning between 6 and 12 lakhs are classified as MIG-I households; those earning between 12 and 18 lakhs are classified as MIG-II households. A family belonging to a MIG I or MIG-II class may possess 120 or 150 square meters of carpet.

HIG: What is it?
The acronym for the high-income group is HIG. This category includes households with monthly incomes over 18 lakhs. Extra amenities like 3BHK apartments, duplexes, bungalows, etc. are available to HIG members.