Shaandar will be India's first wedding event movie, in which both Shahid and Alia suffer from sleeplessness and connect over their abnormalities.

For the first time, Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor share screen time, and their onscreen chemistry is terrific. Aside from the novel coupling, the picture has a slew of additional firsts. Shahid and Pankaj Kapur, who are father and son, will share screen time, while Shahid's sister Sanah will make her Bollywood debut.

The storey follows Alia Arora , a beautiful girl who loves to dwell in her dream world, is a fountain of knowledge, and suffers from sleeplessness. She is an adopted child, but her new father, Bipin Arora, adores her . Bipin comes from a troubled home with a demanding mother, a sassy wife, and strange brothers. Bipin is often concerned about Alia's sleeplessness and hopes that one day, her handsome prince would be able to put her to sleep.

Meanwhile, Bipin's overbearing mother arranges for the wedding of Bipin's true daughter Isha (Sanah Kapoor), a vivacious, kind-hearted girl with a toned figure. The wedding is basically a ploy to save the family from going bankrupt. Jagjinder Joginder's (Shahid Kapoor) firm is in charge of the happening. In the middle of the wedding craziness, Alia and JJ form a sweet friendship and love relationship.

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