Vedic line Alpha Whitening D-Pigment and D-Tan Facial Kit

DEEPLY MOISTURIZES: Vedicline Alpha Whitening Cream is a perfect medium to deeply moisturize the dry skin by concealing cracked skin.
DE-PIGMENTATION: It helps in fading out the scars, marks and dullness by extracting excess Melanin, and making the affected area comparatively lighter in colour.
EVEN SKIN TONE: It helps in making the skin tone same all throughout the face by lightening the dark spots, especially around the lips and nostrils since those are usually the darkened parts of a face.
PROTECTION AGAINST SUN DAMAGE: Due to additional ingredients like Olive Oil, this cream helps the skin to cope with the skin damage occurred due to Sun or ageing.
Vedicline products can be used both at the salon and at home and help in restoring a youthful glow.

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