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Top Picks for Second Hand SUVs – JUST HONK CARS VIC

Top Picks for Second Hand SUVs – JUST HONK CARS VIC

Submitted by • July 29, 2020

SUVs have become a staple choice for motorists Down Under, particularly those with big families. This should come as no surprise. They have proven to be dependable, four-wheel-drive vehicles that offer unmatched versatility on the road. For adventure lovers, they can take on rugged, off-road conditions with ease making them the perfect road trip companions.

Of course, these frills don’t come cheap. If you’re planning to buy a brand new SUV, be prepared to fork out the big bucks. The larger models are particularly pricey.

If you can’t afford a new car, explore used options at dealerships or through private sellers. The used car market us full of modern SUVs which give you all of the benefits for less.

One of the best things about buying used cars is the wiggle room in terms of price. According to a survey from Canstar, 86% of over 700 second-hand SUV buyers tried to negotiate a deal during the purchase and 90% of those were successful.

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