Top 10 Schools in Bangalore

Being one of the top 10 schools in Bangalore, we have hands on experience in the field of teaching with qualified teachers leading the teaching department. Apart from teaching or learning we have a very good facilities such as Medicare services, 24X7 security, sports club, library, play area, and computer labs. Next-up comes the sports where students will enjoy the sports and will have a balanced academic life. Royal Concorde international School is one of the top 10 Schools in Bangalore, we provide a plethora of platforms for our students to exhibit their talents and provide necessary incentives for the students to grow and develop their skills.. Our education facilities are equipped with world-class infrastructure & excellent teaching staff. And as part of a holistic learning experience, your child is encouraged to demonstrate his/her talent and interest in activities outside the classroom too. At our school, your child will foster a love of learning that will lay the foundation for a very successful future making them better citizens of tomorrow.

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