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Complete Bathroom Suites By Alchymi

Get the best bathroom suits by Alchymi at best price with latest technology and modern design. Browse all complete bathroom suites with shower, bathtub, shower enclosure and fittings etc design... Read More

The English Kitchen and Bathroom Company (EKB) offer a fully managed service, from design, paint choice, accessories, fit, and installation, all at very reasonable prices. it's leading kitchen and bathroom supplier... Read More

When it comes to adorning your bathroom, a little bit of tile can go a long way. At first thouedroomght, tiles serve a distinctly utilitarian purpose: They shield your walls... Read More

Compact spaces can be a little hard to plan. But if you put the right fittings and design together, you can create your dream bathroom even in a small area.... Read More

Double pantry faucet in deck mount type. Install in kitchens or pantries with simple tools. Mounts through two holes on either the sink edge or countertop. The double pantry has a 4″... Read More