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For the purposes of applying for a Schengen visa, a temporary flight itinerary or reservation that acts as evidence of intended travel is referred to as a "dummy ticket". It may be necessary for applicants for Schengen visas to include proof of their travel arrangements with their application materials, such as a round-trip airline ticket. However, because to uncertainty about their trip schedule or concerns about money, some tourists may decide to wait to buy an airline ticket until their visa is approved.Under these conditions, passengers can use a variety of aviation services to generate a fake ticket or temporary flight schedule.These fake tickets are not actual, purchased tickets; instead, they are bogus ones bearing the traveler's name, flight information, and reservation code. Rather, they serve only as evidence that the applicant plans to exit the Schengen region within the allotted time limit when a visa is filed for.Schengen Dummy Ticket completes the application by filling in all required fields. Thus, it can be applied for in order to obtain a Schengen visa.Visit to purchase a fake Schengen visa right now.