Rising Bitcoin Leverage Keeps Traders on Edge as Volatility Drops

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The growing leverage in Bitcoin coupled with low levels of volatility has definitely kept the traders on edge as they keep speculating about the potential movement in either direction.

As per the researcher Arcane Research, The derivatives market signals have come after exchanges have shown considerable interest in Bitcoin futures. As per them, the market has made leverage highly attractive for traders, who typically depend on volatility to generate profits.

The increase in the leverage and lowering of volatility shows that the market is behaving ripe to invest further. However, it is thought that the volatility burst can create a downside move seeing the set-up of the currency’s chart.

The increased volatility creates a disrupted image of Bitcoin being treated as a long-term, trusted financial instrument. It creates a sense of nervousness among the investors. On the other hand, stability in the currency will get it a more significant investor base.

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