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Retargeting For E-Commerce | Elephant In The Boardroom

Retargeting For E-Commerce | Elephant In The Boardroom

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Ever had an ad pop up on Instagram for a product you’d recently browsed? Odds are, we all have. No, Instagram cannot read your mind. You’ve simply been retargeted.

Retargeting involves customising ad campaigns according to your customer’s online habits. The algorithm essentially sends ads to users who have interacted with your webpages previously.

In its essence, retargeting is simply a function of modern digital marketing. It’s an effective way of tapping into a valuable pool of customers, i.e. those who are specifically interested in your range and who are looking to make a purchase. Because it’s designed to boost online sales, e-commerce websites are best served by retargeting. This strategy can help keep your website fresh in consumers’ minds. According to AdRoll, in general only 2% of shoppers convert from an initial store visit. If a customer is reminded with ads, they might be inclined to return. Are you looking to boost conversions? We have a few tricks up our sleeve.

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