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Replace A Halogen G9 Bulb With An LED

Replace A Halogen G9 Bulb With An LED

Submitted by • April 27, 2019

Replacing a G9 halogen bulb with an LED is done directly without any electrical changes. Here are the steps to replace the G9 halogen bulbs with LED bulbs with equivalent illumination.
The biggest negative point about halogen bulbs is their high power consumption and very high heat output. This means that precautions must be taken when replacing halogen bulbs.

Step 1: Find the replacement bulb
In order to find your equivalent bulb, it is important to know the lighting or luminous flux of your halogen bulb (expressed in lumens). If you do not know this value here is a comparative table of bulbs. You can also choose your bulb directly from our G9 LED bulbs. The G9 LED bulbs directly replace the halogen without any modification of the electrical installation.
Be careful to turn off the power before handling the bulb.

Step 2: Locate the base of the bulb
Locate the base of the bulb to be replaced. It is the often white ceramic part that holds the bulb in place.

Step 3: Remove the bulb

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