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Rajasthan Kiran is best Rajasthan news website

Rajasthan Kiran is best Rajasthan news website

Submitted by • June 5, 2020

Firstly, I would like to give introduction that why I started this newsportal.

As we all know Rajasthan is a state in northen India. It's mainly known for it kings and royal palaces. When people hear the name Rajasthan they think of a stereotype that Rajasthan is a place of thar the desert so it will be a hot place . But people don't know that Rajasthan is more famous for it's hills, mountains and beautiful city Udaipur known as city of lakes.

So, because of this stereotypes we thought to build a newspaper to give world the real knowledge about Rajasthan. We often believe what we hear or see without getting to the root of that. So dreamed to discover new things, get authentic news and then to give it to the world. Our main goal was to end this stereotypes of the Rajasthan and to offer the real Rajasthan to people of India.

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