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Preventing The Most Common Sports Injuries

Preventing The Most Common Sports Injuries

Submitted by • January 4, 2019

Sometimes preventing common sports injuries is beyond our control, but many times sports injuries are preventable. Some injuries we bring on ourselves because we’re not conditioned for the activity. Work out daily and get double benefit to enjoy your weekend activities and garner the health benefits.

Every workout should start with a gentle warm-up to prevent common sports injuries. Getting warmed up increases blood flow to the muscles, gets you more flexible, and could decrease injuries.

Overuse injuries are common and preventable. Don’t come out and hit the ball for an hour after not playing for a while. Whether it’s hiking, running, or team sports, do some “pre-participation training” first by lightly working for the relevant muscle groups in the weeks before the activity.

And learn to recognize when you’ve already left it all on the field. Stop when you are fatigued. Muscle fatigue takes away all your protective mechanisms and really increases your risk of all injuries. You can

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