Preschool Management Software – Entab

Preschool Management Software from Entab is a complete software system, user-friendly interface with innovative features to make administrative tasks effortless. Designed specifically for early preschools, allowing mentors to relish the engagement with children, parents, and staff. The founding idea of preschool is to empower children to grow and learn through playing, in a secure, affectionate environment. For administrators of preschool facilities, it’s an uphill task to create fun-filled activities, monitoring energetic young children, and side by side managing the administrative duties. This is where Preschool management software plays a role.
CampusKidz from Entab offers preschool management software powered by Microsoft technology, cloud-based solutions with minimal hardware requirements. This management software can be easily installed and operated. We have consultants who will assist you for this smooth transaction from a manual system to our pre-management software. The communication tools would help the school to connect with parents for bringing out the best experience for kids.