Practice in India after MBBS in Russia

Russia is known as one of the renowned countries for higher education. Over the past decades, higher education has taken a significant change. Russian Universities have now become the hub for modern and higher education.
Russia has been a popular destination for International Students who wants to pursue medicine Abroad. Russia is one of the best and safe places for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad. Many students from India and around the world have come to pursue MBBS in Russia.
Russia has about 87 medical universities. Out of these universities, there are more than 15 universities in Russia offering MBBS in English medium. The best thing about universities in Russia is the low student-teacher ratio. This, in turn, provides high-quality education to the students as the professor can pay more attention to each student in the class.
Medical Universities in Russia have a course duration of 6 years. For the first three years of the medical program, the students are focused on their theoretical subjects which include biology, medical physics, chemistry, biochemistry, human anatomy, histology, physiology, microbiology, foreign languages, social sciences. Students are involved in basic clinical training since their first year, to understand the basic nursing care and clinical examinations. In the last 3 years of the medical program, the students learn clinical subjects such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, public health and prevention.
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