nuance dragon upgrade the user profile issues

If you are facing some issues while resolving Nuance Dragon Failed in upgrading the user profile issues then must go through this content quickly. In this content, you will find the simple steps for resolving failed issues while upgrading it. So, move ahead and must reach the experts on Nuance Dragon Support for help in case of nuance dragon failed to upgrade the user profile troubles.

Follow the steps mentioned below for resolving upgrade issues in nuance dragon software.

Way One:- Restore the Backup Copy
Before upgrading the profile, you need to simply try to restore the backup copy

You need to, first of all, quit dragon on your device.
After doing so, you need to simply find out the upgraded profiles in documents or dragon.
You need to simply move any new profiles to the respective trash but make sure not to empty the trash.
After doing so, you have to unzip the old dragon version 4/5 and then have to open the Dragon, and then try to upgrade the profile again on your device.
Also, you are recommended to test this upgraded profile for ensuring the imported vocabulary is working as expected or not. If not then in such case, you need to simply empty the trash.
Way Two:- Export the User-added Vocabulary
If you can easily load the profile then you need to easily import it to the new profile by following the steps as follows

You need to, first of all, load the suspect profile and then have to go to edit vocabulary.
Go to the user mentioned from the drop-down list for viewing only user-added custom vocabulary and then simply hold down command-A for choosing all the items.
You have to then move ahead to the settings menu at the bottom of the respective vocabulary editor and then have to choose an export option.
You need to then write down the name for the respective file mentioned in the save as field.
Go to the where field and then have to choose the folder that you need to save the file.
You need to choose export and then choose an ok option.