Meher Homeopathy Clinic. in Bhekrainagar, Pune

"MEHER Homeopathy Clinic in Bhekrainagar, Pune, provides natural & effective treatments to patients of all ages. Dr. Madhura Deshpande Pande & Dr. Mehera Deshpande Davare, the best homeopathic doctors in Phursungi, Pune for consultation and homeopathy treatment

At Meher Homeopathy Clinic, best homeopathy clinic in Bhekrainagar, Pune, offers treatments for Pediatric group (Child Disorders), psychological Disorders(General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, etc), Digestive & Respiratory Problems, thyroid, Female Disorders(PCOS, PCOD, PMS). Patients get healing at the mental & physical level. Diet suggestions & counseling are also provided individually

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