Life of Indian medical students in Russia

Currently, Russia is one of the most prominent destinations among Indian medical students who are willing to study MBBS in abroad. Large numbers of Indian students, apply in many top medical universities in Russia every year. The country is considered as the largest country in the world sheathing more than one eighth of the land area. The medical universities of Russia are well known globally. The standard of the medical universities in Russia is exceptional. The best thing is that the medical universities come under the government of Russian Federal which results the subsidized tuition fee. The universities follow the multi-national modules. The cost of accommodation in Russia is bottommost along with quality infrastructure. The management of science and research of Russia overview the medical universities and helps in nurturing the quality of its medical education system. 100 top positioning Medical Universities are on the list of "Directory of World Medical Schools" of World Health Organization, 30 universities are from Russia. The students who pursued their MBBS in Russia are practicing in the leading Hospitals around the world.
Annually, thousands of students from India travel to study MBBS in Russia. All the top medical universities of Russia are deputed by the world’s medical organizations like WHO, UNESCO & licenced by Medical Councils of many countries including India. The time span of MBBS in Russia is 6 years in English medium.
The tuition fee of MBBS in Russia is very low end as compared to other countries and many other European Universities. This makes the country a recommended option for Indian candidates to pursue MBBS. The medium of education in most of the medical universities in Russia is English which makes it much easier for Indian students to understand better. With the exception the standard, the process of admission in medical universities is at ease and struggle free.

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