Lady Elizabeth Kelly & Co. | Business Women

Ms. Marlene Murphy invited Lady Elizabeth Kelly to be the chief guest at the Expo 2020 Dubai – Philippines Pavilion. Lady Elizabeth Kelly is a Dubai-based businesswoman, founder of Lady Elizabeth Kelly & Co. and Ethos Global Solutions, President at Eureka Brussels in UAE, and also UN Peace Ambassador through Universal Peace Council. In her speech, she stated, "No matter what the obstacles are, be it anything to do with socio-cultural norms or whatever, women have always been strong if you decide and are determined to achieve your goals, and you will do it." All you need to do is stay focused. She states that "success is like meditation it will require time, patience, and sacrifice". She further added that, “Know where you want to go, keep it in your heart and mind, believe in yourself, if you believe you will reach there.”
Lady Elizabeth Kelly states that, “If more women are to be transformational leaders, they must have equal access to and attainment of educational qualifications. Women's literacy is critical in improving family health, nutrition, and education, as well as empowering women to participate in societal decision-making.”
Governments should take steps to promote the proper development of girls' and women's potential through education, skill development, and the abolition of illiteracy for all girls and women without discrimination, with a focus on the abolition of poverty and ill health. Governments, in collaboration with civil society, should take the necessary steps to ensure universal access to appropriate, affordable, and high-quality health care for women throughout their lives, based on gender equality.
Lady Elizabeth Kelly emphasises that acquiescence in empowering any aspect of society can be viewed as a means of creating an environment in which one can make decisions and choices for social transformation, either individually or collectively.