Jensi: Task and Workflow Automation

Bizprac's Single Touch Payroll (STP) module is a robust solution tailored for the Australian building industry, ensuring full compliance with ATO requirements. This module simplifies payroll management through a suite of powerful features. Key functionalities include direct ATO reporting, efficient payroll processing for both salaried and hourly employees, and detailed management of leave accruals and complex pay rates.

The STP module excels in superannuation reporting and enables the seamless distribution of email pay slips. Its advanced design streamlines payroll operations, accommodating various award rates across multiple commercial sites. Additionally, the module tracks budgeted versus actual hours, providing businesses with valuable insights for accurately allocating labor costs and setting profitable charge-out rates.

By leveraging Bizprac's STP module, building industry businesses can ensure compliance, enhance payroll accuracy, and improve overall operational efficiency.