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Is Popcorn Gluten-Free? Does Popcorn Have Gluten Or Not?

Is Popcorn Gluten-Free? Does Popcorn Have Gluten Or Not?

Submitted by • March 5, 2020

Popcorn is nothing but puffed up corn kernels. Whether popcorn is gluten-free or not can only be known in terms of the original product i.e. corn.
Does Popcorn Have Gluten Or Not?

Plain corn or regular air-popped kernels- both are gluten-free. Then how come a popcorn can contain gluten? It seems not, isn’t it?

The twist in the story lies in the added flavour or toppings. A few brands sacrifice the concern of gluten-free finished products while others don’t! but you need to know about all of them.
Facts About Branded Popcorns

Corn is a gluten-free grain, safe for all to eat in idle hours or heavy monotonous schedules. While popcorn kernels are gluten-free, not all ready-made popcorns bought from stores can assure you on the same. The problem is rooted in its processing, subject to cross-contamination with gluten-containing ingredients.

Fortunately, well-known popcorn brands carry a “gluten-free” label on their product lines to prevent impulsive and uninformed purchasing decisions. I

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