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Introduction To AWS Glue – Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Introduction To AWS Glue – Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Submitted by • November 21, 2019

Introduction to AWS Glue
AWS Glue is a cloud-optimized ETL service. It is a cloud service that prepares data for analysis through the automated extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. It helps to organize, locate, move and perform transformations on data sets so that they can be fetched and put to use.

Glue is different from other ETL products in certain ways.

It is serverless.
It Provides crawlers for automatic schema generation for all kinds of data sets.
Generate scripts automatically to extract, transform and load the data.

The service can automatically find an enterprise’s structured or unstructured data when it is stored within data lakes in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), data warehouses in Amazon Redshift and other databases that are part of the Amazon Relational Database Service. Glue also supports MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases that run on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

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