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Hushly’s SaaS Platform Develops Artificial Intelligence Technology

Hushly’s SaaS Platform Develops Artificial Intelligence Technology

Submitted by • February 13, 2020

Hushly, a leading content engagement and conversion platform, has announced that they have fully embedded an artificial intelligence (AI) capability throughout their solution offerings. AI provides machine learning to B2B marketers and offers an automated way to develop high-quality content recommendations for increased conversions. Hushly’s newest functionality will be made available free to customers.

With Hushly’s AI engine, B2B marketers can provide better user experiences by recommending personalized content to prospective leads based on their business profile and buyer intent data in real-time martech news.

“AI continues to offer unprecedented operational efficiencies, and when applied to B2B lead generation, automates manual processes, provides enhanced user experiences and results in higher quality conversions,” said James Kessinger, CMO at Hushly.

Hushly AI technology utilizes three sets of data to ensure every recommendation is relevant to the user: visitor information on

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