Apple AirPods and Siri help save 60-year-old woman's life
Susan Putman, a 60-year-old American from New Jersey, spoke about the case when AirPods and Siri voice assistant saved her life. Information about this unusual incident first spread on social networks, and was later picked up by journalists.

In one of the interviews, Susan described the accident in detail. Susan is designing: while a woman was working on a floral arrangement in her workshop garage, she accidentally tripped and fell, hitting her head hard on a metal pole.

Fortunately, Susan was able to realize that she had broken her head and was losing blood, but there was no one to call for help. All Susan could think of before passing out was to ask Siri to call the emergency services through AirPods paired with her smartphone. “Siri, call 911” was all the woman had the strength to do.

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