How to Fix Windows Error Code 80072F30

Error code 80072F30 is a general-purpose email error on Windows 8 phones. It doesn’t really have a specific cause or effect. Sometimes it prevents you from accessing email, sometimes it’s just a problem when trying to send, or any Another strange configuration.

Of the problems that can cause this error, they are usually due to a discrepancy between the configuration of your phone and your email server. There may be a number of errors, so unfortunately the only way to know is to try several things and see what works.

Solved Methods for Error Code 80072f30 :
1: Set up Your Email again Using Advanced Settings
Go to Menu> Settings> Email and accounts, press and hold your account and select Delete. Then go to Add an account and rerun the configuration process, this time choosing Advanced Settings.

How to Fix Windows Error Code 80072F30 ?

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