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How To Arrange Your Lighting Well?

How To Arrange Your Lighting Well?

Submitted by • March 30, 2019

How to arrange your lighting well?
First, think about the orientation of the office. It is necessary to limit the reflections in the computer screens, the too bright light of the sun in the pages of a white notebook which dazzles. This discomfort automatically leads to a concentration of eyes all the more important. If the layout of the room cannot be changed, consider modulating the natural light with curtains, blinds...

Let's take care of artificial light now. On the ceiling should be a light that spreads throughout the room, then fixtures of additions to focus on the work. Good lighting limits visual fatigue and therefore pressure on the eyes which can lead to headaches. Optimizing the lighting allows for an extended visual concentration.

Using a dimmer on a desk lamp architect can be an excellent choice. Depending on the activities, the intensity requested may vary. However, be careful to use bulbs compatible dimmer or called dimmable. If you do not want to use a dimmer, the bulb

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