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Opal gemstone is considered so priceless that people are even using it in their engagement rings! However, in this blog, we'll focus on this brilliant gem's monetary value and know the various factors that affect it. Here, I'll talk about the individual opal stone prices and the opal stone price when embedded in the sterling silver setting to create brilliant opal gemstone jewelry. I'll also tell you about the different varieties of opal gems found across the world. I personally feel that along with the good things that increase the opal gemstone's worth, you should also be well aware of the possible defects that negatively affect it.

How Much Is Opal Stone Worth || Rananjay Exports

You must be wondering about the reason for this whopping deviation in the price. So, let me get you out of there. There are various factors (or qualities of opal) that determine opal stone worth. The type, brilliance, origin, color, patterns, fire, scarcity, and transparency are significant reasons to bring such a deviation in the price range of this brilliant gemstone.
Let's zoom in and take a closer look at the most important ones to understand the reason for price deviation.
I'll begin with the types or varieties of opal gem and their possible effects on their cost.
Broadly opal gemstone can be categorized into two buckets, viz., natural and synthetic opals. Both are equally desirable. So without differentiating between them, let's know all the subcategories.
Let's see what they are and how they affect the opal stone value and the opal wholesale silver jewelry.