The diketene derivatives market is expected to grow at a market share of xx% by 2020-2027. Diketene is a colorless liquid produced by the dimerization of ketene. It is a highly reactive building block that can be combined with numerous other chemical compounds to make a wide range of products. The high demand for pharmaceutical, vitamin, agrochemical, and pigment industries has created many lucrative opportunities for the diketene derivative market.

The market growth for Diketene Derivatives is a niche in cosmetics, plasticizers, and paints. The acetoacetyl group in Diketene Derivatives has broad functionality that is used for the production of various products. The other Diketene Derivatives such as 4-Chloroacetoacetic acid ester is a highly versatile diketene derivative this led to increasing demand from the pharmaceutical industries as they are used in syntheses of various pharmaceutical intermediates.

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