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Fundamentals Of Hadoop Administration

Fundamentals Of Hadoop Administration

Submitted by • September 19, 2016

When things operate in a group, we need a manager. In computer terms, the manager is called the administrator. This administrator or admin is accountable for the maintenance of the systems in the cluster. Who a database administrator or a DBA is to a database is analogous to Hadoop administrators and Hadoop clusters. The administrator is liable for the performance and accessibility of the systems on the cluster. Apart from this, the data present in the system and the jobs that run in it are also the administrator’s duty. He/she will be required to take on tasks like configuration, monitoring, backing up, trouble shooting, upgrades, deployment, job management etc.,.
To start with fundamentals of Hadoop Administration one will be introduced to Hadoop framework, as basic outline about the tools and functionalities, its usages, history etc. All sorts of queries relating to why Hadoop is needed, what are its profits or advantages over the previous framework wil

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