Fuel Your Off-Road Passion: Picking the Right Engine for Your Used Ford Bronco Engine.

1. Keep in mind the Rule of Two and Always Have a Spotter:
It is usually advised to go off-road with a minimum of two vehicles. In the event that a car breaks down or becomes trapped, the buddy system helps ensure that assistance is nearby. When going on an off-road adventure, it's also a good idea to pack supplies like a first-aid kit, water, tow straps, and a cell phone or satellite phone.

2. Understand Your Rock Clearance:
When driving on an off-road trail and you notice that the rear suspension is bottoming out or that the vehicle is making excessive contact with the skid plates (if fitted), slow down to prevent further damage to the car. Always consider the amount of ground clearance that is available while choosing a route, as this will reduce the possibility of the vehicle being high-centered due to catching its underside on an impediment.

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