Florena White Chocolate Wax! | Florena Professional

Enjoy our luxurious White Chocolate Wax for the sweetest hair removal experience. You'll love the irresistible scent of creamy white chocolate in this natural patented formula that leaves your skin smooth, soft, and scented.
Perfect for all skin types, it's gentle yet effective, ensuring a salon-quality finish in the comfort of your own home.

Say goodbye to stubborn hairs and hello to velvety skin with Florena Hydrosoluble White Chocolate Wax!

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Florena White Chocolate Wax | Florena Professional

Florena white chocolate wax is a liposoluble wax for all skin
Florena hair removal bodywax is available in an 800 ml pack. Less hair removal pain is experienced with our gentle hair removal Liposoluble body wax with a natural patented formula that protects, hydrates, and soothes the skin.

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