The world of novels is vast. A vast world full of different stories, fiction, nonfiction, nonfiction, action, romance, drama, and every other genre that you can imagine. Being a reader, people often want to read as many novels as possible, especially the perfect and popular ones. In my personal experience, I have always read novels that most people did not. I am a book lover, but I have not read Harry Potter,some schools recommend their students to take one novel as a priority by setting a book fair in their schools like icse schools in dehradun but there are some novels some of them are not so well known but also equally, perfectly written novels. Here is a list of five books that I would recommend everyone to read.

1. FAHRENHEIT 451: Written by the American writer Ray Bradbury, the book was first published in 1953. Fahrenheit 451 revolves around a world where it is illegal to read or even keep books. The protagonist is Guy Montag, who is a fireman. But the job of firefighters is to burn books rather than putting out the fire

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