Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium and Professional 15

First, before you even start, if you are using Dragon Premium 13 then you will need to upgrade right away to the latest version of Nuance Dragon software and that is Dragon Professional 15. This is because Dragon 15 is more accurate and simply out of the box. You also need to make sure that your computer exceeds the requirements for Dragon and turn up the accuracy settings.
What’s so unique about Dragon Professional 15?
Version 15 comes with a speech engine that is vastly improved compared to the ‘Premium version 13 engines. Hence a normal user will right away see 20% lesser errors using Dragon Professional 15 than the Premium v13.
What makes Dragon Professional so unique is that it has a deep algorithm that is built into it which is a type of machine, or you can say artificial intelligence.
Now Dragon 15 is known to run much faster on the same computer than Dragon 13 premium. Therefore, you can use Dragon 15 on a slower computer compared to Dragon Premium 13 and still have excellent performance on your computer.