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Developing  Emerging Economies In Emerging Economies

Developing Emerging Economies In Emerging Economies

Submitted by • June 14, 2019

Individual essay,The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to apply the concepts discussed in this course to the analysis of a company. You are expected to demonstrate familiarity with the relevant theoretical and empirical literature covered in the course (using appropriate references).Essay and Requirement,Mike Hobday’s models of East Asian and Southeast Asian development are models of how Emerging Market (EM) firms or subsidiaries learn from Advanced Country (AC) multinationals. This is based on the traditional pattern of innovation being in the domain of AC firms, with imitation being the specialty of EM firms. More and more divergences from this pattern are being found, however, as “reverse innovation” and “frugal innovation” become the subject of more and more attention. The task in this assignment is to choose an EM firm (or individual) that has a record of innovation and identify an AC firm that can benefit – or has benefited – from cooperation with the EM innova

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