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Thinking about joining the cycling family? The benefits of cycling are as endless as the country lanes you could soon be exploring. If you’re considering taking up cycling, and weighing it up against other potential activities, then we’re here to tell you that cycling is hands down the best option. Here are 15 reasons you should get on your cycle:

1. Improves Mental Well-being
people who had a physically active lifestyle had wellbeing score 32 per cent higher than inactive individuals. There are numerous ways that exercise can boost your mood: the release of adrenaline and endorphins, and the improved confidence that comes from achieving new things like completing a sportive or getting closer to that goal. Cycling is a combination of physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new views. You can choose to ride solo – giving you some “me time” or ride with a group which broadens your social circle.

2. Promotes Weight Loss
The simple equation, when it comes to weight loss, is ‘calories out must exceed calories in’. So, you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Cycling burns between 400-1000 calories an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight. Of course, there are other factors: the make-up of the calories you consume affects the frequency of your refueling, as does the quality of your sleep and the amount of time spent in burning calories will be influenced by how much you enjoy your chosen activity. Assuming you enjoy cycling, you’ll be burning calories. And when you eat well, you should lose weight.