Configuring AWS Vpc – LAB Configuring VPC

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Create the VPC
Create a Security Group
Launch an Instance into Your VPC
Assign an Elastic IP Address to Your Instance
Clean Up
Step 1: Create the VPC
Creates a VPC with a /16 IPv4 CIDR block (a network with 65,536 private IP addresses).
Attaches an Internet gateway to the VPC
Creates a size /24 IPv4 subnet (a range of 256 private IP addresses) in the VPC.
Creates a custom route table, and associates it with your subnet, so that traffic can flow between the subnet and the Internet gateway.
Steps to be followed:

Open the Amazon VPC console at
In the navigation bar, on the top-right, take note of the region in which you'll be creating the VPC. Ensure that you continue working in the same region for the rest of this exercise, as you cannot launch an instance into your VPC from a different region.
In the navigation pane, choose VPC dashboard, and then choose Start VPC Wizard.

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