Buy Cubeb Peppercorns (Cubebs) – Comet's Tail Pepper in Australia

The Cubeb Pepper has had an extremely colourful history. It has been the feature of infertility remedies and “magic” spices in early times and in medicinal drugs. In European cuisine it is candied and eaten as aromatic confectionary. As one of the valuable spices in the Middle Ages it was ground and used as a seasoning in meats and in sauces. Cubeb pepper reached its way to Africa during this period and in Moroccan cuisine it is used in pastries such as markouts (diamonds of semolina with honey & dates). It is widely used in Indonesian cuisine.

In 2000 it became one of the ingredients patented in an anti-ageing range of products by Shiseido, a well known Japenese cosmetics company.

In 2001 a Swiss company used a compound found in Cubeb oil for its patented Cubebol as a cooling and refreshing agent. This has applications for cooling and refreshing effects ranging from chewing gum to toothpaste to sorbets.

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