Business Intelligence Vs Big Data

Big data can be defined as the data sets which are way wider to be processed through conventional data processing techniques and applications whilst it would be differentiated from data which can usually be managed or handled using the toolsets like Microsoft Excel. Be that as it may, big data could be described as an entity and that of business intelligence is a procedure about what would be done with the entity big data (Heet al.2017, p.552). In the field of data science, business intelligence involves data regardless of it is big or normal and is responsible for extracting the needful information from the same. Therefore, it would end up assorting methodologies, tools and application which continue allowing the accumulation of data from both the external as well as internal sources and systems, organising the same for analysis, developing and running queries against the dataset. In addition to that business intelligence also involves creating visualisations and reports for presenting the outcomes in an easily understandable manner (Deyet al.2018, p.2076). This essay is going to analyse the significant differences between big data and business intelligence. However, for doing so a comparative analysis in terms of both the benefits as well as drawbacks, between these two business data handling approaches is going to be done. In addition to that, the discussion is going to portray the inter-relationship between business intelligence and big data on to of that the interlink between data science and business intelligence would also be paid attention to in the following discussion.Additionally, the tools and techniques involved in the procedures of business intelligence and big data are noticed to differ also.
The Comparison Between Business Intelligence And Big Data In Terms Of The Technical Concepts Associated With Them
Big data are nothing but the larger data sets which outgrow the architectures of simple data handling and databases. For instance, data which cannot

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