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What's so special ?

Have you ever seen a vehicle of God given prime importance than the deity itself? This rare phenomenon happens at the Bull temple in Basavanagudi. You will wonder who ever carved the monolith Bull, impeccably and flawlessly.
Mythology :

India is a land filled with mythology and folktales. The mythology of this Bull temple says that, eons ago a ferocious bull roved in the fields of Basavanagudi and ruined all the crops. The farmers were greatly annoyed due to this bull's wayward behaviour, so all the farmers took their problem to the owner of the Bull, lord Shiva. After hearing all their woes, lord Shiva suggested them to build a temple in reverence to the Bull, ergo a massive boulder was carved into a vivid Bull and a temple was raised in praise of this bull. Yet another specialty is that, a metallic plate was embedded on the head of the Bull to prevent it from growing further.

This is the rarest temple, where the Lord’s mount precedes its master. Other than the Bull, the temple has the idols of God Surya and Goddess Chandra as well. It is also believed that the river vrishabhavathi originates from the footsteps of Lord Surya. This temple is filled will fun and joy around the clock.

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