Bhel Puri Recipe in Hindi | Bhel puri recipe

Bhel Puri Recipe in Hindi: Bhel is one of the popular chaats of entire India, which is not only delicious to eat but also very easy to make. The taste of Bhel Puri is sour, sweet and spicy. If there is a small function or birthday party in your house, then you can make bhel puri. To make bhel puri, all you need is puffed rice, sev, potato, onion, spices and chutney. So let's know the recipe of making bhel puri (recipe of bhel puri)…

Ingredients to make Bhel Puri Recipe:
Lai (Puffed rice) – 8 tablespoons
Papdi – 5
Peanut (roasted) – half bowl
Cucumber (finely chopped)
Potatoes (boiled and finely chopped)
Tomato (finely chopped)
Gram flour (fine ones)
Green Coriander Chutney
Green Chilli (finely chopped)
Coriander (finely chopped)
Sweet sauce
Bhel Puri Recipe:
To make Bhel Puri, first take 8 tablespoons in a big and deep vessel. After this, add 3 teaspoons chopped potatoes, 3 teaspoons finely chopped tomatoes, 3 teaspoons roasted peanuts and 3 teaspoons cucumber.

Break 5 papdis into it. Top it with 5 teaspoons finely chopped, half teaspoon green chilli, half teaspoon chaat masala and mix well.

Now add 1 teaspoon green coriander sour chutney and 2 teaspoons sweet chutney. Mix it well with the help of a spoon. Take your bhel puri is ready. You can eat it yourself and also serve the guests.

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