Best knee replacement recovery technique

Smart knee replacement is fast track knee recovery technique. It's a precise way of doing knee replacement surgery which ensures a consistent… For more details, please visit ‎
Fast track knee replacement is a fast track knee recovery technique. It’s a precise way of doing knee replacement surgery that ensures a consistent and reproducible outcome to the surgeon and a higher level of satisfaction to the patient.

The SMART technique ensures minimal blood loss, hence no requirement for blood transfusion. The major advantage is immediate postoperative pain relief enabling the patients to walk within 4.00 to 5.00 hours after surgery.

Painless surgery motivates the psychology of the patient to ambulate early and climb stairs on day one. The rehabilitation in SMART knee replacement is faster as compared to conventional knee replacement thus facilitating discharged on day two.

The patient can return to normal life in 15 days after surgery. On testing the results of SMART knee replacements, the complications like deep vein thrombosis and infection rate has significantly reduced making knee replacement a safer procedure for all age groups

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