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VCSELs are semiconductor lasers, more specifically laser diodes with a monolithic laser resonator, where the emitted light leaves the device in a direction perpendicular to the chip surface. The larger... Read More

DFB Laser is an edge-emitting semiconductor light source, which is more stable and generates a clean single-mode output. It offers smooth and tunable control of the wavelength, low-noise, and narrow... Read More

Inphenix SLD Modules are Plug-and-Play, making them ideal for OEM integration. Compact and protected, they are easily mountable. The integrated current driver and thermo-electric cooler are operable with customer-supply of... Read More

Superluminescent diodes are optoelectronic semiconductor devices which emit broadband optical radiation based on superluminescence. In terms of their construction, they are similar to laser diodes, containing an electrically driven p–n... Read More