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Web design is the process of creating websites and pages that reflect a company's brand, information and provide a user-friendly experience. Design and appearance are important elements when designing a website or mobile app. Learn web design to build a website for your business, or create websites for clients.
What are web designers responsible for?

Web design is the process of identifying the goals and promoting accessibility for all users. This involves organizing images and content across multiple pages and integrating apps and other interactive elements.
Web designers are professionals who do this work. Their job includes the following:
• Choose fonts that are easy to read
• Choose attractive color schemes with easy-to-read fonts
• Incorporating a brand's identity in the layout, colors and fonts
• To ensure intuitive navigation, create a map of the structure of the website.
• Place images, logos and text as well as videos, applications, and other elements
• To create layouts or style pages, you can use coding languages such as HTML and CSS
• Optimizing websites and pages for mobile and desktop viewing

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