fter facing the worst situation by the airline industries due to COVID-19 pandemic, the aviation industries are returning to normalcy. Demands to increase the frequency of flights service are rising by all sectors of the society. Summer is about to start and the strong demand of expansion of new routes are all around by the summer vacationers. By keeping this demand in mind, the carrier has announced American Airlines new routes for summer.

American Airlines expects an increase in demand more than 90 percent in domestic sectors in summer seasons as compared to 2019, and more than 80 percent in international segments as compared to 2019. According to American airline’s math and projections, and to math with the demand of seats, they are expanding more than 150 new routes for the upcoming summer.

American Airlines is betting big for summer by announcing more than 150 new routes. The carrier is eager to capture the resurgence of strong demand of the summer travelers. One of the reasons to climb the demand of the seats for summer is because of more people are vaccinated now. The fears of COVID-19 are moderating among the all sections of societies due to big success of COVID-19 vaccination program.

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