Allopathic Medicine Manufacturers in India

Biophar Lifesciences invites pharma firms to join as partners and our world-class manufacturing services in India are available to you. Our brand is well-known because we provide high-quality solutions and have a highly qualified workforce, research and development professionals, innovative technology, and a complete commitment to providing India's most reliable manufacturing facilities. We have the best product range with complete DCGI and FSSAI certifications, so you can rely on us as we are the top Allopathic Medicine Manufacturers in India. Our main goal is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing high-quality allopathic products at reasonable pricing. Western medicine, biomedicines, orthodox medicines, evidence-based medicine, modern medicine, and conventional medicines are all examples of allopathic medicine. These medicines are a mix of current science and good research in quality products and allopathic medicines that are tailored to the needs and situations of the patient. Our assembling plants are situated in extract-free zones, lowering the cost of production and making our allopathic things more affordable. Learn more about our organization and the manufacturing services we provide in India. For any questions or additional information, please contact us at +91-9878941970 & 9888895871, or send us an email at

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