55 Free Job Posting Sites > An Overview, List, and Advantages

Free job posting refers to listing vacant positions on free job boards. The list of 55 free job posting sites will help employers to attract a large number of candidates without paying any money.

You should not discount the value of posting jobs on a free job posting site. There are many ways your company can benefit from posting a job on a free job posting site.
1. Save on Advertising Costs
Posting job ads can be a costly endeavor. The cost for posting ads on Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn can run into thousands of dollars.

But why spend money on paid advertising when you can list the job vacancy at free job posting boards?

Free job boards don’t ask you for any money for listing vacant positions. Some people think that a free job listing is for a limited time only. But this is generally not the case.

You can create a free account on a free job board without entering any credit card details and list unlimited jobs without paying a single penny.

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