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Leather Baba

Leather Baba

Submitted by • January 7, 2017

There is nothing quite as important to have in your wardrobe as a few pieces of leather. Leather is one of the most versatile garments one can own and wear for nearly any occasion. Depending on the type of aesthetic you are going for or the type of personality that you want to show off, you can pair leather with a number of other clothing items and garment materials to get any sort of look that you want.

The same can be said especially of leather vests. Leather vests are perhaps one of the most diverse pieces of leather attire that you can own. These vests can be worn with just about anything--and even nothing at all. Wear one by itself as a standalone shirt for a bold and risqué appeal that can be worn to the club or the bedroom and beyond. Zip it up for a completed feel or leave yourself bare chested for a more daring approach.

You may also choose to wear a leather vest over top of a t-shirt for a casual look with a pair of dark jeans. This affords you a less formal appearance, one

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